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Discover The Patrick School


Both the Patrick programs used a hybrid developmental model for their teams and players that blends the philosophy of the development programs of the NBA, USA basketball and European basketball clubs.

The high school program at Union , an associated member of the NJSIAA (We are affiliated member) member, restricts the operation of this model to the summer session and in-season in accord with NJSIAA(we are affiliated member) regulations.

This blended model, known as the TPSBTI (TPS Basketball Training Institute) model, views the development of a play as a long-term, holistic educational project. Just as a student would learn markedly difference things in a 7 th grade math class than a senior math course, the TPSBTI also has a “basketball curriculum” that progresses through each stage. Moreover, just as advanced math students often take Algebra in 7 th grade or Calculus as early as sophomore year, each student-athlete in the TPSBTI program is challenged at their current level and pushed to progress and improve each day of permissible training.

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