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“A legacy without end ~ Pave the way and pass it forward”

Just as we needed many different forms of guidance and help when we were at SPHS, now too our students need us. They now sit in the seats we sat in many years ago, with the same fears, doubts and dreams. We were taught to be considerate, to be moral and to ‘give back’ to those in need.

There are numerous ways in which you can ‘give back’. Some of these are listed below. For more detail on each one, please see the Development Departments page on this website.

  • Help the Patrician Club with administrative needs (i.e. typing, collecting pictures, writing articles, internet research, etc.)

  • Providing TPS with items needed (i.e. office chairs, file cabinets, office supplies, etc.) and physical help (i.e. stuffing envelopes, cleaning windows, spring cleaning, landscaping help, etc.)

  • Mentor a Student- this Program allows for either guidance (i.e. academic, college choices, career choices, etc.) and/or financial support.  You determine the amount of time and effort you dedicate to your student, just as you determine how much financial aid you provide for the student.  These kids are in need of both types of help. You can adjust your involvement based on your own personal situation.

  • Tutoring students in various subject areas. We can provide the books, you bring the expertise!

  • Coaching (i.e. track & field, volleyball, etc.)

  • College preparation- help seniors write college essays, study sessions for SATs/ACTs, fill in college applications, etc.

  • Financial Help:

  • Help write grants and apply for scholarships

  • Fundraising (i.e. attend dinners, buy raffles, etc.)

  • Donate a Door, Classroom or Hallway in honor of a loved one or on your behalf.

  • Make a Pledge to one our Donors’ Levels

  • Participate in our “Alumni Giving Tree” or “Memorial Brick” campaign (coming soon!)

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