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The Patrician Club is a club organized to rally and organize alumni, friends, family and staff of both SPHS and TPS. It serves as a mechanism for us to gather supporters and volunteers, distribute information and keep Patricians in touch with the Patrician Community. We will work to keep the spirit of SPHS alive and contribute to the development of TPS.

One of our goals is to keep the “Patrician” traditions alive, for those of us from the past and for present-day students. We will keep Patricians ‘in-touch’ with each other and develop a supportive & loving community. We will continue to communicate with our Patricians through The Patrician newsletter, as was done in the past. We hope to continue the tradition of formally recognizing highlighting

As a symbol of our continued progress during this time of tremendous change, we have selected the “Alumni Tree” as our symbol of honoring our past, our re-birth and passage into the future as TPS continues to thrive and flourish.  You can see the Alumni Tree at the entrance of the new school building.  It was donated anonymously by alumni during the fall of 2012. It is a Cornus x ‘Rutgan’ hybrid dogwood in Stellar Pink. Make sure to stop by and see it!

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