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The Patrick School will be open in September implementing a hybrid schedule. The schedule will have a mixture of learning experiences – in person, live virtual lessons, recorded lessons, and assignments via an online platform. TPS has been in the forefront of online education and is best able to provide a rigorous education in these challenging times.



Safety is a top priority. Our plans to reopen were developed after reviewing guidance from the CDC, health organizations and experts across the country. Policies and procedures include but are not limited to: reduction of population density within the school facilities, UV sanitization of all classroom and spaces, mandatory wearing of masks by all students and staff, and non-contact temperature screening prior to entry.



Athletic training will take place within pods of students to limit exposure and potential contamination. Plans are in place should, in order to maintain student and staff safety, complete remote learning be mandated in the future.



NEW! Unlike other schools, TPS provides the opportunity for individual academic coaching – even in the hybrid learning environment.



NEW! Students will have guidance in creating and leading a fellowship project while accessing coaching from a professional network. Their project will benefit a charity of their choosing.



NEW!! Nutritious unitized meals – both breakfast and lunch – will be available daily. All meals are individually packaged for safe distribution. The healthy meals are tasty and convenient for families.

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